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Any prediction or estimation of an event or activity that is going to happen in the future is termed as forecasting. For getting more definitions of forecasting is possible by clicking on forecasting tools and techniques homework help. There can be various types of forecasts that are as follows –

  • Forecasts related to economy –

These are the forecasts that predict indicators of the economy like inflation, the supply of money, rates of interest, etc.

  • Forecasts related to demand –

These are predictions related to the demand for a firm’s services or goods in future.

  • Forecasts related to technology –

These predictions are towards the future innovation of technologies. More details on types of forecasts can be obtained by visiting forecasting tools and techniques assignment help.

The different forecasting tools

Some industries conduct different types of research to identify the forthcoming trends based on the price or demand or labor cost for the same. In case the firms can keep themselves active with these associations, then reports can be purchased that will help in forecasting.

There are government institutions that can provide the data that is required to predict the effects of different events or change of trend on business. The production charts provide information on manufacturing requirements, the supply of raw materials, labor, capital needed or availability of stock which can be helpful in forecasting.

The cash flow statement gives a clear idea about the cash requirements of a firm. This can be useful in planning a schedule for the business. More on forecasting tools can be learned by checking out forecasting tools and techniques homework help.

The different forecasting techniques

The Scenario writing technique uses a writer who writes probable outcomes in different situations.There is one more technique called the Delphi technique in which a board of experts is given a list of questions. The experts are away from one another, and their answers are compiled.

Another mode of forecasting is the subjective forecasting technique that uses forecasters who predict on situations using their feeling on these situations.The time-bound forecasting is another technique in which forecasters use data that has been collected over a period of time. This is a completely quantitative approach. Details on these techniques can be obtained by logging on to forecasting tools and techniques homework help.

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