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Economic forecasting is the prediction of the economy of any business or organization within or outside the firm. Forecasts can be done with different aggregation of higher level such as GDP and inflation. Our forecasting in economics & business homework help can make students rich in predicting the facts with accurate procedure. offers the great facility to choose and make your assignments as per the academics.

Introduction to forecasting in economics:

With the forecasting of different aggregates, the monetary measures of the market will be known easily.As the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of all final goods produce either quarterly or yearly, it will be easy to estimate the actual price.

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Students have to learn about different techniques and methods of forecasting. In this process, students get to know about:

  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Time Series Regression
  • Modeling Cycles
  • Forecasting Cycles
  • Non-linear Forecasting Models

Simple Linear Regression:

It is the least square estimation of the linear regression model. In simple linear regression, the model is represented by single explanatory variable that fits a straight line.

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Multiple Linear Regression:

It is one of the common linear regression analysis techniques. The multiple linear regression explains the relationship between one dependent variable (continuous) and two or more independent (continuous or categorical) variables.

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