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Basic ideas of Focus strategies

Michael Porter was the creator of three primary strategies for analyzing market conditions and overcoming competition. In porters classification the third competitive strategy was of focus. Here the aim was to intricately analyze and survey market conditions to come with a commodity that meets needs, requirements and desires of the user and falls within desired price range.

Launching a product is in targeted market will never reap profits if the customer base and loyalties are not solidified. Hence Focus Strategies (Type 4 and Type 5) Assignment Help professionals point out that it is important to first build a base in the market by surveying, observing and analyzing the target population. In this regard the two types of methods pointed out by Porter are:

  • Type 4 –

Porter’s analysis of competition reveals that the type 4 category is aimed at pulling those customers from the mass that prioritize price tag over quality. Such consumers remain loyal to the company which sells products at the lowest possible price.


  • Type 5 –

Here the focus changes from the price tag to both quality and the price tag. These category consumers want the best of both worlds. Neither do they wish to surpass their budgets nor comprise on quality of commodities. Hence best value product buyers are targeted by this classification.

Competition is noticed on all stages of sale, purchase and production. Through usage of focus strategies competitiveness can be surpassed to an extent. For elaboration on these points given below choose Focus Strategies (Type 4 and Type 5) Assignment Help online, it is the best option. Professional outlook is imperative to ace this assignment. Learn your basics and get assignments done from experts!

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