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There is a theorem in game theorem which goes by the name of Focal point theory. Alternatively, it is also known as the Schelling point theorem. In all baseness, it is simply a kind of solution which people will put to use when they don’t have communication available to them. This solution can be used to get some Focal points homework help if you happen to need it.

It was introduced by someone an economist by the name of Thomas Schelling who also happened to be a Nobel Prize winner in his time. His book was named “The Strategy of Conflict” and that is where he first published this theorem for everyone to see. It tries to simulate the expectation of what someone else will be expected to do in reaction to a specific action or cause.


In order to get the complete Focal points assignment help, you will first need to understand what it is all about. For instance, let us consider that you have an experiment given to you along with a partner. It will basically involve you being shown a diagram that consists of 4 boxes and you getting to pick a random one. The catch is, neither of you will be allowed to communicate with each other.

If both of you get the same box, then you will get a total of $10. If you cannot do so, you will simply leave empty handed. So what is the strategy that both of you can pick in order to get a simple match? How can you guess which box your partner will pick without communicating anything with each other? As such, these games go by the phrase ‘coordination games’.

The Biking Problem

This same logic for your Focal points assignment help can also help you to solve something known as the Bike Problem. Basically, if there are 2 bikes approaching each other from opposite directions occupying the same line, how do they know which way to change their course? One of the best advices one can give to someone facing this issue is not to make eye contact with the incoming biker.

It is a practical approach that you can apply for yourself. But it is needless to say that any type of mathematical problem involving the same logic cannot be solved using the same solution. Also, it is almost impossible to follow this advice if your opposite number is extremely attractive.

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