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Fluids are those substances that deform or flow under the stress that is applied to it. This fluid does not have any definite shape. It takes the shape of the container where it is kept. Both liquids as well as gases are referred to as fluids. Fluids can be classified into two main categories. One type of fluid is known as Newtonian fluid and the other type is called Non-Newtonian fluid.

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What is Newtonian Fluid?

This fluid is named after Sir Issac Newton. Newton explained the flow of liquids with a very simple linear equation. This liquid is the relationship that is formed between shear rate and shear stress. This relationship is referred to as Newton’s Law of Viscosity.

Here proportionality constant N is taken as the viscosity of fluid. Viscosity of Newtonian fluid tends to remain constant irrespective of the amount of sheer applied to liquid at a persistent temperature. These liquids are said to share a linear relationship between shear stress and viscosity. Some examples of this type of liquid are mineral oil, water, alcohol and gasoline.

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What is non-Newtonian Fluid?

Most of the liquids that we use in our everyday life are non-Newtonian in nature. This means that viscosity of these liquids depend on just the rate of these fluids. Shear rate is thinning or thickening of these liquids. These liquids display a non-linear relationship between shear rate and shear stress. These liquids have a viscosity or yield stress that is dependent on deformation history as well as time. There are 4 ways in which the behaviour of these non-Newtonian fluids can be described:

  • Dilatant

According to this theory viscosity of liquids increases when shear is smeared. The best examples of this theory include silly putty, cornflour and water and quicksand.

  • Pseudoplastic

According to this theory, the more shear you apply to any liquid the less viscid it becomes. Ketchup is an excellent example of this liquid.

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