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All objects that can flow under forces are referred to as fluids. The matters in liquid state, gaseous state and plasma state are the best examples of these. The subject that deals with the fluidity of these objects, the forces that prevail on them and their mechanism is basically a part of physics. And the main application of this subject topic is in different branches of engineering.

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The topic has a vast expanse in physics and the branch of engineering. Hence, for an easy handling it is segmented in two distinct categories they are –

  • Hydrostatics

This branch of science mainly focuses on the fluids those belong in static or equilibrium position. Where there is no force is activated on them hence no motion is found.

  • Hydrodynamics

This part deals with the fluids those are in motion and have a flow. It also deals with the amount of forces that are activated on them and their effects on the fluids.

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Its vast expanse of applications includes the different branches of engineering such as

  • Chemical

Chemical engineering deals with several chemical solutions and their behavior in different conditional situations and atmospheric or artificial pressures.

  • Mechanical

Hydrodynamics deals with force and its application which is the part of mechanical engineering.

  • biomedical

Like chemical engineering this branch also deals with several natural and artificial solution related to biology and medical science through mechanism of several fluids.

  • Geophysics

It is applied to understand the effects tectonics plate like Earth quake, Tsunami etc.

  • Civil

In civil engineering it is used for making water pipelines to activate the proper water flow and sewage pipe lines for disposing of the wastages properly.It is also applied for making a complex and critical pipeline system in petroleum plants and oil and gas refinery plants.

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