Flexible Manufacturing Homework Help: Advantages and Disadvantages

What is flexible manufacturing system?

A manufacturing system that has provision for changes, one which is flexible enough to accordingly react to changes, whether predicted formerly or not, is known as a flexible manufacturing system. Flexible manufacturing can be further subdivided into two categories and each subcategory has several subdivisions of their own. The first type is machine flexibility which refers to a producing unit’s ability to shift its production from one type of product to another. Routine flexibility is the other type of manufacturing flexibility that allows a change in the volume of production.

Help with Flexible manufacturing assignment:

Now, as a management student, you might find yourself in a position where you’re expected to submit a full-fledged assignment on manufacturing flexibility. There might be numerous sub-topics which you might be expected to focus on. If you do not have a clear understanding of each of those topics, or if you do not have the time to attend to the project, what would be the right course of action for you as a student? Well, a smart way out of the mess would be to get yourself Flexible Manufacturing and CIM Homework Help. Such Help from myhomeworkhelp.com can enable students to save their grades while they make efforts to actually understand the topic.

Advantages of Flexible manufacturing:

Each technique is adopted by companies after thorough analysis and the reason for adopting various new techniques is that they yield positive results, and has some advantages. Our Flexible Manufacturing and CIM Homework Help here shall provide students an idea about the advantages of Flexible manufacturing:

  • The cost of per unit production is reduced
  • Cost of manufacturing is reduced
  • Quality of production improves
  • Labor productivity improves
  • Efficiency of the machines see great improvement
  • System reliability becomes a lot better
  • Rate of production increase
  • Lead time taken decreases

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Disadvantages of Flexible manufacturing:

No technique is absolutely perfect and there are certain drawbacks which pertain to different manufacturing technique. The disadvantages of FMS are:

  • It requires substantial planning before implementation of ideas
  • Skilled labors are an absolute requirement
  • The initial investment or the set up cost is relatively high
  • The system as a whole can be quite complex

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