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When a student gets an assignment on standard costing, he has to analyze several things. The flexible budget analysis is one such thing. Teachers also give assignments on flexible budget analysis to test their analysis skill.

For their ease and reduce their workload, we offer flexible-budget analysis homework help.  However, we do not want our students to remain unknown of the topic. Therefore, time to time we explain each of its entity in great details.

What is a budget?

 A company estimates an amount to spend in a financial year. This amount is known as a budget which acts as a road map to accomplish all the objectives, strategies, and assumptions of an organization.

When students seek our flexible-budget analysis homework help, they also question us about different types of budgets.

There are four different types of budgets:

  • Fixed budget or static
  • Rolling budget
  • Flexible budget

A fixed budget is also known as a static budget. It does not change with increase or decrease of sales or other activities. In contrast, a flexible budget adjusts with changes in the volume of activity. Usually, a company prefers flexible budget rather than static budget due to its sophistication.

Other facets of this topic:

Besides providing flexible-budget analysis assignment help, we explain flexible budget with an example. Suppose a manufacturer estimates that its cost of electricity and supplies for the plant are around $10 per MH. It is also aware of the fact that its monthly factory supervision, depreciation as well as other fixed costs are around $40, 000.

In general, the production machinery runs around 4, 000 to 7, 000 hours per month. After carefully analyzing these inputs, the management of a company estimates a flexible budget of around $40, 000 + $10 per MH.

Case studies on flexible budget analysis provide several important data. When we offer flexible-budget analysis assignment help, we carefully analyze all the data and then estimate the budget. There are some instances when a plant manager needs to use more machine hours.

In such a case, the plant manager increases its budget for the additional cost of electricity and supplies.  Similarly, a manager needs to reduce its budget when it needs to minimize the requirement to run the machinery.

Thus we can say that flexible budget analysis gives managers a better opportunity for planning and control in comparison to a static budget.

 A manager should thoroughly analyze which costs are fixed costs and which are variance costs to determine a flexible budget.

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