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What do you mean by financial management?

Financial management deals with the efficient and effective management of funds or money in a way that will fulfill the aim and objectives of the organization or the company. It is a part in management that is directly involved with the highest officials and authority. Financial management is as important in business as marketing and production. Our Financial Management Homework Help service knows all about financial management and promise you to deliver the best results. It involves the planning, directing, organizing, monitoring and controlling of the organization. The finance manager deals with the task for looking whether risk, control and cost are properly balanced or not so that there is optimum utilization of the funds.

What are the main objectives of Financial Management?

There are a number of objectives among which some of them are listed down as below-

  • Survival of the company.
  • Profit maximization which occurs when marginal expenditure is same as that of the marginal revenue.
  • Maintenance of proper cash flow.
  • Maximization of wealth.
  • Minimizing the capital cost in order to gain more from a project.

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