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Financial and Nonfinancial Performance Measures: The concept

Financial and Non-financial Performance Measures simply indicate all those methodologies or techniques that explain the efficiency level and effectiveness of an organization. The Financial performance measures assist in determining the performance of a business on financial parameters. Non-financial performance measures, on the other hand, are focused on assessing quality parameters on different levels.

Financial performance measures consist of analysis different financial ratios, return calculation on investment, comprehensive risk analysis, shareholders return analysis, etc. Non-financial performance measures include measuring the level of worker satisfaction in an organization, customer satisfaction, quality of company services and products, employees’ level of participation in different activities and much more.

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Why it’s a vital topic for students?

Financial and non-financial performance measures are highly essential for understanding where a business wants to see itself in order to be highly successful. The performance measures can help analysts and managers to understand the overall performance of the organization, and whether it is not performing well in specific areas. These measures can help in the fast analysis of all these major deviations. The top management can take corrective measures to address these problems, and improve the company performance.

Financial performance measures involve the comparative analysis of financial data of a company over the past years as well as with the data of other companies during the same period. Non-financial Performance Measures attempt to understand the popularity level, brand recognition and market share of the company, as well as its services and products range.

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