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Field oriented controller also known as vector control is nothing but a method to control variable frequency drive. Here the stator currents of an electric motor for a three phase AC can be recognised as two orthogonal constituents. One of the parts explains the magnetic flux of the motor and the second part describes the torque.

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Where do you use field oriented controller?

  • It is actually used to control the induction motors and AC synchronous.
  • Its highly vigorous production including very fast deceleration and acceleration.
  • The size of the motor is very attractive.
  • Its superior quality of cost and power consumption reduction.

How it was developed?

It was during early 1970s, K. Hasse of technical university Darmstadt, and F. Blaschke of Siemen’s founded vector control of AC motors. But, it was after the successful advertising of microprocessors that the AC drives became popular in the early 1980s. From our field orientedcontroller assignment help you can know a lot of interesting facts which will bring your inner hunger to know more.

In any vector control, a synchronous motor or an AC induction are managed by all operating states like an individually excited DC motor. These Field oriented controllers or vector controls causes a three phase PWM motor voltage output. In order to control a complex current vector obtained from the motor’s three phase stator current input.

These can be acquired from rotations or projections between the distance and time of the three- phase motor. Field oriented controller homework help can guide you in the best possible ways, so that you can enjoy the maximum benefit.

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