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There are no shortcuts when it comes to management studies. To ensure that you have a thriving career in marketing, it is necessary to master all topics and understand the course thoroughly. However, the complexity of the various topics hinders the growth of the students and prevents them from proceeding further with the subject. One such topic is feedback and control system.

Feedback and control forms the very essence of a marketing campaign without which a campaign will prove to be ineffective. Thus, the students need to be knowledgeable to work on such a topic which can be done through feedback and control homework help.

What is feedback control in management?

Feedback control is the process implemented by managers to assess how effective a production process has been by analysing whether a team has met their set objectives. It is the comparison produced between the output expected and the output actually produced. If the output is less than what anticipated, then certain strategies can be implemented to increase productivity. Each of the member’s performance is evaluated to address performance issues and improve productivity.

Feedback control is often used in place of feed forward and concurrent control, to save up on cost. With feedback and control assignment help, you can learn better about the implications of such a process.

Example of feedback control:

Feedback control can be better illustrated with the help of an example. Suppose a company decides to increase its profit by 20% and mitigate its production costs by 10%. In order to do this, the company will monitor these areas constantly on a monthly basis to evaluate its progress.

If the profit increases by 5% and the cost reduces by 2%, the management will assume that their strategy has proved to be effective and continue with their efforts to fulfil the said objectives.

Advantages and disadvantages of feedback control

The various advantages of implementing feedback control can be learned with the help of online portal, We help students to understand each and every aspect of a complex topic like this and ensure ease of comprehension. Listed below are some of the benefits the process has to offer which you can understand with feedback and control assignment help?

  • Allows the management to understand how effective their planning is. If the difference between actual and expected performance is very little, then the strategy is effective.
  • It allows management to focus on weak areas.
  • Provides an opportunity to motivate employees.

There exists only one disadvantage of such a process. The changes can only be made once a portion of the production is underway. Thus, it is not applicable for one-time projects.

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