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What is faraday Lenz law?

Faraday-Lenz law is an integral part of electromagnetic induction which is a major part of your course of electrical engineering. It is imperative that you understand this topic carefully as it has real life implications in the future. Thus, contact us for faraday Lenz law homework help to help us help you out with this topic.

Faradays laws

Faradays Laws explains the relationship between an electric circuit and its magnetic field. There are three laws formulated by Faraday to justify electromagnetic induction. The first law states that when a conductor is placed in a changing magnetic field, an EMF is induced across the conductor and if it is a closed circuit, an induced current flows through it. His second law states that the magnitude of the induced EMF is equal to the rate of change of flux with the coil. This flux is the product of the number of turns and the flux associated with the coil.

Lenz’s law

According to Lenz, when an EMF is induced in accordance with Faradays law, the polarity or the direction of the induced EMF opposes the cause of its production. In its formula, it possesses a negative sign which denotes the direction of the induced EMF and the change in direction of the magnetic fields are opposite. This supports the Faradays law. Thus, it is essential for you to opt for Faraday Lenz law homework help to successfully understand the concept.

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