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What are the Factors Influencing Dividend Policy?
Dividends refer to the earnings that are distributed among people holding the stock of a company. These are distributed in the form of stock or cash, typically on a quarterly basis. These may be paid not from the capital that is invested but just out of the retained income. The dividends are paid only when the firm is making enough profits to support the payment. The more the profits earned by the company and the more regular they are, the more regularly are the dividends paid.

There are various factors influencing the dividend policy of an organization. Although companies do not have any legal obligation for dividend payment, they need to keep doing so in order to retain the interest of investors in the firm. The key factor is the profitability of the company, while the other factors include tax, amount of debt, the stability of the earnings, restrictive covenants and corporate growth rate among others. Our experts at myhomeworkhelp.com can assist you in understanding all these factors with effective Factors Influencing Dividend Policy Assignment Help services.

Why is it Important?
Dividend Policy is highly important in taking care of various factors, such as those that impact the decisions of investors. The overall growth rate and the profitability of the firm are determined by this type of policy. Naturally, the factors impacting the dividend policy need to be carefully considered. This can have a major impact on the capital budget of the firm and its finance program.

A company that wants to ensure stability of its profits, its growth rate and the decision of its investors need to pay attention to the various influencing factors to keep their investors satisfied. At myhomeworkhelp.com, you will be able to get expert Factors Influencing Dividend Policy Homework Help services that can help you complete your project with complete success.

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