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Factors Affecting the Financial Plans:

  • The Nature and Size of the Industrial Unit play an important role in framing the financial plans. Capital-intensive industries would require more capital than labour-intensive industries. Similarly, a large scale industry with an established goodwill finds it easier to raise finance as compared to a budding small scale industry.
  • Financial Plan is influenced by the amount of risk involved in the production procedure. Industries with greater risks would certainly require more capital. Industries with low risks can obtain loans easily and get higher profits on equities.
  • Expansion and Diversification of the business unit affects the Financial Plan. The plan should be made keeping future growth in mind. Lack of flexibility in the financial plan would make it difficult to raise funds for proposed expansions in future.
  • The Capital Structure must have a balance between different securities. Some ideal securities should be kept at hand to raise money at the time of crisis by issuing them.
  • The financial plan also depends upon the attitude of the management. If they wish to retain the control of the business to themselves, they will not prefer issuing equity shares in large numbers. They would rather prefer debt capital that will enable them to plough back the profit.
  • Factors like Government Policies and Statutory rules and regulations should be taken in consideration while making the financial plans.

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