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Extended enterprise and its management

Extended enterprise refers to a self-organizing loosely coupled network of companies that combine their financial outputs. It is basically to provide service offerings and products to the market. You can mention these facts if you need any extended enterprise management homework help. It is a collaboration where various companies work and invest together for a healthy output.

Extended enterprise is occurring around the world. Many countries and its organizations are coming and joining hands for more financial gains. It is basically termed as supply chain management where the companies are connected to each other producing and distributing goods and services. For more information on extended enterprise management assignment help visit

Why the extended enterprise necessary?

Extended enterprise is a good idea of extending one’s business for future results. There are various positive factors which may help you in your extended enterprise management assignment help are as follows-

  • Extended enterprise helps in the financial condition of a company. For e.g. If a company is losing its grip in the market or if it’s going towards a downfall then this practice helps in building the confidence and finance that is required.
  • It helps in the confidence of an organization after its downfall in the market.
  • Many companies work together therefore more work forces and more output.
  • It expands the market and the competition gets less, thus people get the best products to use.
  • It gives more employment opportunity which is an important factor in a country.
  • Extended market helps in the economy of a country. This subject maybe helpful to you in your extended enterprise management homework help.
  • The wages of the workforce increases due to the practice of extended enterprise.

Formation of extended enterprise

The following steps are the way to extended an enterprises are formed-

  • When a company feels that it is losing its grip over the market, it consults with another company and a meeting gets fixed.
  • After a successful meeting that company consults another company about the design and market sale and price of the products and services.
  • These three or more companies attend a meeting together to finalize the execution and production plans of the services or products they are going to sell.

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