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What are Exposures?

Exposure is the amount of money firm risks to lose when its future cash flows are dependent on the value foreign currency. Exposure is non-controllable and cannot be fully minimized. In fact, even when employing the best strategies, companies always risk losing their money; because like any financial market, Foreign Exchange has plenty of vulnerabilities where the prices can move in any direction.

A look deeper

There are four types of Foreign Exchange Exposure: Transaction, Economic, Translation, and Contingent. While the first two risks are often called cash flow exposure, the third one is called accounting exposure. The contingent risk is when the firm is bidding for foreign projects or negotiating FDIs.

Although Forex is credited as least volatile, there’s always the risk of a currency being depreciated against the other currencies. And the larger the investment the larger the currency exposure is for the firm.

At the end of the day, it really depends on dealers and companies and how they optimize this risk with the robust hedging strategy.  There are several approaches they can take, like having a fixed risk ratio and risking according to volatility. So, dear students, if you can connect to whatever little you have read till now and in need of professional help to write Exposures assignment answers, we are here to offer you high-quality assistance.

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