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If you are a student of management, it’s important for you to know about expectancy theory. Expectancy theory is a type of theory which states an employee is motivated to select a specific type of behaviour over the others because he expects the result of that behaviour.

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Elements of Expectancy Theory:

It is divided into 3 types of components. They are all explained in details below.

  1. Expectancy:

Expectancy is divided into different components. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Self-Efficacy:

It is a belief of an employee about his capacity to complete a work.

  • Goal Difficulty:

In this case, goals are made too high to be attainable. It leads to low expectancy.

  • Perceived Control:

Employees believe that they have some control over their performances.

  1. Instrumentality:

Instrumentality is also divided into some components.

  • Trust:

Employees should trust the people who decide the results.

  • Control:

It is the control over thedecision of results.

  • Policy:

Policies create acorrelation between people and results.


  1. Valence:

Valence is the value of individual places which is based on the goal, needs, values, etc. With expectancytheory homework help your doubts will be clear.

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