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Aristotle’s Take on Commensurability

All things are not commensurable. For example, a wine and a pen are not at all commensurable as one cannot say that one of the items is sharper than the other. The reason they are incommensurable is that they are homonymous.

Aristotle defines in Categories that it is homonymous when a name is the only common thing and definition of the name which it corresponds to is different then it’s homonymous. So according to this one cannot measure or say whether a knife or a wine is sharper. To know more about this ask us for our exchanging homogeneous horses assignment help.

Homogeneous Measure

Measure is something by which the quantity is known. Aristotle states about measuring that measure and point of starting are one or indivisible. So according to him in music quarter tone is smallest and in a speech, a letter serves as a unit of measurement cause it is smallest of all.

The measure always seems to be homogeneous with things measured. Spatial magnitude’s measure is spatial magnitude. Similarly, length’s is length, breadth’s is breadth, units is a unit, etc. Get more details about this from our exchanging homogeneous horses assignment help.

What Makes Things Commensurate?

A common question is when exchange values are measured what measures them? Aristotle answers this by saying that all measures must be in some sense homogeneous. For example, if one has value theory of labor, the labor is considered the measure. If one has value theory of commodity the commodity is considered the measure. A subjective value theory would need some subjectivity unit as measurer.

Later Aristotle presents the idea that to measure things one is being used and also starting point is one. According to him, all measure should be predicable, for example, if all things are men the measure has to be man and the measure has to be horse if all things supposed to be horses. More about exchanging homogeneous horses are given in detail in our exchanging homogeneous horses homework help.

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