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What is exchange rate determination and the Mundell-Fleming model
Exchange rate determination is a term that is related to the variation between domestic interest rate and foreign interest rates. An assumption about the domestic rates and international rates are the most important to get the proper overview of the current financial status of an economy. If a domestic exchange rate   is too much affected by the international rate then domestic market can be vulnerable for the foreign direct investments and can affect the market very badly. So, it’s very important for the students to make a realistic model of exchange rate determination.
Mundel-Fleming model is a tool of open economy which is widely used for the determination of exchange rate. This model is very much effective for the variation of export and import rates and to determine how the exchange rate affects the export and import of the economy. Mundell-Fleming model is one of the simplest components of macroeconomic which is originally an extension of neo-classical synthesis that considers the variation of exchange rates which allows a free capital flow.

Why a homework help is needed
Today’s economy is a PPP (purchasing, power, parity) economy. So, it is very important to determine the current exchange rate exactly. Export and import rates, cash inflow, investment and capital market everything based on the exchange rate. For the students it’s very important to have the proper knowledge of the determination of exchange rates which will help to get the exact overview of the economy of a financial institution.

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