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About Evaluation Techniques
In order to make the right business and its goal decisions a company needs to provide constant evaluation. Some of the popular evaluation techniques which are also known to cause nightmares for many students are as follows:

  • Net Present Value

With the help of this technique of evaluation a student will be able to handle matters related to capital budgeting. Here the present benefits value of a project is taken and from it the present cost is subtracted and the result is the net present value.

  • Internal Rate of Return

The discount which is used for the determination of the amount of a return in case of an investor that can be expected to be realized from a project which is taken into consideration is known as internal rate of return.

  • Payback Period

In order to find out the whether it is wise to keep on pursuing a project, the help of this kind of evaluation technique is taken. Here, in order to find out the total number of years or more specifically the payback period, a student has to divide the total cost of the project in consideration with inflow of cash which is expected to be receivable for each year.

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