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Marketing is an important aspect of any business organization. Without efficient marketing strategies, a business will not be able to reach its goals and objectives. Thus, sales representatives are the segment of a marketing plan that is hugely responsible for selling the products to the customers. As a result, businesses need to choose these representatives very carefully. Evaluating Sales Representatives Homework Help is a wonderful platform that can help you understand the role of this segment better.

Before proceeding further, let us understand the meaning of sales representatives and their role in the marketing of a product.

Sales Representatives- what are they and what they do?

As you have learnt earlier, the sales representatives are responsible for selling the products or services to the customers. They are the channel that directly communicates with the customers and provides them with the product or service of their choice. Due to this reason, they can provide accurate information to the business as to how the products are doing in the market.

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The sales representative understands the need of the customer as well as has all the information about the product. They are important for the manufacturer because they help promote the products and increase sales. Since there maybe a number of products to sell, the representative needs to have a clear understanding of each product. He/she should be able to answer all the queries that a customer may have.

How does a business/ manufacturer evaluate its sales representative?

Evaluating a sales representative is an essential step for every business. Since they are the people who are in direct contact with the customers, they have to be perfect. Every business has its own ways to evaluate each sales representative. Some of the commonly used ways are:

  • Setting a target:

Most sales representatives earn on the basis of target sales. The more products/services they are able to sell, the more they earn.

  • Ways of communication:

Good communication is the only way to make better says. So the company needs to check the professionalism and how confident the representative is while interacting with the customers.

  • Understanding of the product:

The business should provide all the information to the sales representative about the product he/she is supposed to sell. If they do not understand the product, they won’t be able to answer the customers.

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