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A statement that evaluates gains and losses over a specified period of time is termed as income statement. It basically records the profitability of a firm or business within a time period. The time period for calculation can be annual, quarterly or monthly. It becomes very important for any business to check its profitability as it provides a reference tool that can be used to analyze the business. The condition of the business, i.e. its status gets projected with this report. The areas of improvement can be identified and rectified accordingly. More about the income statement can be learnt by visiting myhomeworkhelp.com evaluating the gains and losses from homework help.

Report showing gains and losses

The report showing the profits and losses of a firm basically has the following parts –

  1. Expense

The part of the report that shows the amount used for the primary as well as secondary activities of the firm within the specific time period is the expenses. More on expense can be learnt by visiting evaluating the gains and losses from assignment help. The figures that show the expenses can be divided into two main parts as follows –

  • Primary cost

The cost that involves the amount expended for the labor and materials required for the production of the finished goods is a part of the primary cost as it is directly related to the production needs.

  • Secondary cost

The cost that is required indirectly for the production of products and services and has no direct link is termed as the secondary cost.

The aim of every firm should be to lessen costs in whichever area possible as more cost means lesser profit margin. So when the amount of material cost seems to rise, the firm should look for other options to get its material and labor. Learn more about how material cost can affect profits and losses by checking out evaluating the gains and losses from homework help.

  1. Revenue

Revenue is generated by the sales in a company, so the main part of the report checking gains and losses is the data on the sales of the firm. Thus sales form the primary source of revenue for the firm. The secondary sources of income are not predictable and can vary from time to time. Thus companies should only have their prime focus on the sales figures. At times the sales figures for each product are checked to understand how each product is performing in the market and accordingly the production quantity of these products can be regulated. Students can learn more about revenue by looking for evaluating the gains and losses from assignment help.

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