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What is detection of error and codes of correction?

In a specific branch of computer and information theory, error detection and coding is a specific technique that helps in delivery of reliable and worthy digital data over unreliable channels of communication. While this process is carried out, phenomena as – error noise can be seen that deals with detecting this error, and the team of experts associated with it corrects this concerned error.

Introduced to the practical domain by Richard. W. Hamming – when these errors are minimised and the actual data is calculated for error-free transmission, it is known as detection of the error code. It is this that our manuals as – error detection & correction codes assignment answers poses to promote. We ensure that students have an enhanced understanding of this concept and develop a better insight on it.

What are the various schemes linked to it?

For the uninitiated, there are a number of schemes associated with this technique of detecting the errors. From the automatic repeat request procedure to following a code for detecting and easing that error, there are schemes and theorems that are at work. Therefore, as students, you can check out a wide area which is covered with correctional schemes and their applicable codes.

Where are they applied?

This is another area that our manual error detection & correction codes assignment answers intend to concentrate on. From the TCP stack of internet to storage of data, satellite broadcasting and deep space technology – the arena of this is quite large.

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