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What is enzyme study?
Enzyme kinetics is the study of all the chemical reactions in which enzymes are acting as the catalysts. In these studies, the rate at which the reaction takes place is recorded and the result on changing the conditions is also calculated. So in short, enzymes act as the catalyst to a chemical reaction. They have the ability to increase the speed of a chemical reaction – they can make biological reactions occur in even milliseconds! In the absence of enzymes, reactions would take hour, maybe days too. Scientists say that without catalysts, there would be no life whatsoever.

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Importance of enzymes
The importance of enzymes is that they help to break down large molecules and make reactions faster. In the human body enzymes break complex molecules of carbohydrates and fats, etc. And fasten the digestion process. They also store and release energy, and also play a part in various other bodily processes. Enzymes also have a role to play in medicine too. Some enzymes cure certain diseases while others are helpful in diagnosing diseases like leukaemia. Enzymes also have industrial uses- preparation of certain chemicals, cheese making, baking of bread and aging of wine among others.

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