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Economics has different dimensions; new areas are introduced from time to time depending on relevance. Currently, environmental economics has gathered attention several economists and this field has been classified as a new area of research and development. It is not however easy for amateur learners to grasp all topics under this sub-discipline and this is where our Environmental Economics assignment answers at myhomeworkhelp.com come to use.

Environmental policies are being applied by countries individually or through global initiatives, the task of this sub-topic is to find out specific impact, consequences and results of such policies. There is also a part of this topic that deals with proper formulation of plans where resources are used for obtaining maximum results with minimum investment.

Elements to learn

Policies related to environment would be incomplete if economics is taken out of the picture. A study of its different elements is crucial to appreciate the distinctive role of economy in formulating plans for improving environment.  Elements to note are as follows:

  • Tariff –

Not every organization distributes commodities keeping pollution levels controls in control. Such companies have to a pay for their irresponsible nature. There are many names for this tariff; eco-tariff or sin tax to name a few.

  • Impact Statement –

Before starting a project a company has to give a report of possible damages that this business venture could have on the environment. Our Environmental Economics assignment answers will elaborate further on this.

  • Green washing –

When a company promotes initiatives which are eco-friendly but follows policies which harm surroundings it is provided with this term. Fooling customers and potential investors is a part of their game.

  • ESG Criteria –

This stands for Environmental Social and Governance Criteria which are looked into by investors. These are stated for those persons that seek to view how much a company is conscious of their environment and steps taken to keep it clean.

  • ISO 14000 –

As per Environmental Economics homework answers, the ISO 14000 chalk out a paradigm for reduction of waste in industries. These are guidelines with a set of goals to control damage to surroundings.

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