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Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who usually establishes or starts business for any given organization. The said person is also called founder who develops a business plan, arrange capital and hire employees. This is the most common form or definition of anentrepreneur, but in reality, concept is much more difficult than reading in words.

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Entrepreneurcompletes the Entrepreneurship cycle

Entrepreneurship is actually a traditional process of launching, designing and starting a new business venture. It is also important to note that the exact definition of Entrepreneurship varies fromplace to place and from person to person also.

What are the functions ofEntrepreneur?

There are some certain important functions of entrepreneur which helps the organization to reach their goals and objectives. They are:

  • They have to be cautious about assumption of risk factors.
  • The person must have the ability to develop the management skills of the employees
  • Must be proficient enough in market research
  • Entrepreneur should be innovative
  • Accelerates the pace of economic development
  • Must be flexible to overcome the resistance into changes

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Different types of Entrepreneurs

  • Copycat entrepreneur

·         Accomplished entrepreneur

·         Research entrepreneur

·         Determined Entrepreneur

·         Skeptical entrepreneur

Factors affecting Entrepreneurship

There are two factors which affectentrepreneurship and they are:

·         Environmental factors

–          Legal system

–          Political climate

–          Market situations

–          Economic and social conditions

·         Personality factors

–          Problem solver

–          Self-critical

–          Confident

–          Initiative

–          Risk taker

–          Perseverance

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