Encoding and Decoding Homework Answers

Encoding and Decoding Assignment Answers

Encoding and Decoding Homework Answers Get the Professional Edge from Our Experts

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What is Encoding and Decoding?

While studying Computer Technology, students often tend to come up with the word ‘encoding.’ Encoding refers to the process where a number of characters are synchronized for storage in the most productive way. Its counterpart, decoding means the conversion of characters arranged in a sequence to its original format. For networking, storage solutions and data communication, this processes are used.

We simply things for you dear students with examples

In static terms, encoding and decoding mean converting messages from one system of communication to another for better understanding.

Let’s understand this with an example of Google. When you Google something, the programming language working behind the scene doesn’t really understands what you’re saying in raw. When you type “what is marketing”, the backdoor-mechanism works to convert this message in a computational language that it understands. How it converts what you are saying to a language that it understands is a process known as encoding.

The opposite is called decoding. One you have hit the search button and Google has understood what you’re looking for in a language that it knows, it responds to your message in its own language. That message is transferred through a backdoor-mechanism, which translates it into a language that you understand. And the end result? You see a set of websites best explaining to you ‘what is marketing’.

This entire process happens in milliseconds that very few people have the time to really think over it.

Encoding and decoding is how communication happens digitally. Use Google translate—the system will first understand what you’re saying, encodes it in its own language, find solution, decodes it in language that you would understand and then shows relevant result.

In fact, this is how our brain functions. When someone says something, our brain encodes and decodes it to understand what it really means and then respond accordingly. Again, this happens in microseconds.

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