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 The Employee Stock Ownership Plans can be defined as a mode of employee benefit that is dedicatedly designed for the employees to invest in the stocks of the employer sponsoring it. The Employee Stock Ownership Plans has certain benefits where the company sponsoring it, the employees, and also the shareholders are entitled to considerable amounts of tax benefits.

Since the results of this employee benefit are profitable, employees work with greater determination to achieve the immediate targets of the company. This procedure helps to concentrate the focus of the workers towards the betterment of the firm by their improved performance.

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Advantages of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

A key feature of ESOPs is that here the participants and the stockholders are the same; they work persistently to better the performance of the company’s stocks. ESOPs are one of most employed methods to obtain better contribution from the employees. This leads to a more uniform and better distribution of the shares of the company thereby creating a market for the participants.

Other advantages of ESOPs are characterized below-

  • Being an appreciated employee benefit amongst all the levels of a company, ESOPs help to restore the loyalty of the employees towards the firm. It is a way of retaining productive employees.
  • Running a company involves thousand different ways of cash outlay. ESOPs, help to reduce cash outflow and also helps to reimburse low salaries. This aspect of ESOPs is one of its major features and falls under the category of most-asked questions in exams. Students must prepare this portion thoroughly and can consider taking Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) homework helpto assist them.

The significance of ESOPs is huge and is one of the greatest methods of restoring better productivity within a company.

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