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Here, you will get some information on electrochemical engineering. Let’s study in brief.

What is electrochemistry?

Electrochemistry is all about dealing with inter-conversion of chemical energy and electrical energy. There are many applications of this electrochemistry we use in our everyday life such as batteries, metallurgy, control of corrosion, etc. These are some of the applications that we use in our everyday life.

What is the use of this process?

Electrochemistry involves an oxidation-reduction process. These two processes are interlinked, and you cannot use one without the other. Since this process is used in gaining electrons that pull off the substance, the agent has been reduced during the process. A reducing agent has been involved that helps to reduce another substance by giving away electrons to the substance.

Modern electrochemistry is different from the 18th-century roots. In addition to a great deal of pure research, electrochemistry has been used in a wide range of theindustrial process. The early researchers were extremely interested in explaining its phenomenon while modern researchers are interested in getting new applications for electrochemistry.

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What are the types of electrochemistry reaction?

There are several types of electrochemistry reaction. These are as follows:

  • Simple redox reaction.
  • Reaction that produces gas.
  • Reaction that involves and dissolve metals.
  • Oxidation and reduction of organic compounds.

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