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What are electrochemical cells and cell potential?

Electrochemical cells and cell potential assignment help define an electrochemical cell an apparatus that is usedfor producing electrical energy from chemical reactions or enabling chemical reactions with the aidof electric power.  One of the most popularexamples of an electrochemical cell is a standard galvanic cell of 1.5 volts. The battery is also a similar type which consists of two or more cells that are connected parallel or in series.

The cell potential is determined by using electrode potentials which consist of voltages of half of each cell. These half-cell potentials are demarcatedby comparing the values with the standard hydrogen electrode (SHE). Thus the variance in both the voltages between the electrode potentials is considered to be the potential of the cell.

The cell potentials depend on the concentration of the reactants used in the reaction and also on its type. As the concentration of the reactants decrease the cell potential also decreases. It usually ranges between zeros to six volts.

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