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An electricity pylon is basically a tall steel lattice tower which functions as a transmission tower and is used to support the overhead power transmission lines. The voltage systems and the shapes and sizes of the same are quite complex and need a detailed structural and mechanical study.

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Important facts about Electricity Pylon

There are many aspects in regards to the transmission towers which need a clear understanding. The structural, electrical and mechanical matters in regards to electricity pylon on which light needs to be thrown are:

  • These towers are used basically in systems where AC and DC are of high –voltage.
  • They come in large array of sizes and shapes.
  • The typical structural height ranges between 15 to 55 metres.
  • The four major types of these transmission structures are suspension, transposition, tension and terminal.
  • Different kind of towers are needed to suit the requirements of different types of currents, this identification is quite crucial for better efficiency.
  • Towers structures can either be self- supporting or force resisting due to existence of conductor loads.

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Materials used

A divulgence in the type of material used in the transmission towers or the electricity pylon is important in ascertaining the right solution to various queries in the subject matter. The high and low voltage conditions basically regulate the type of material which is taken into use. Through Electricity Pylon Assignment Help service we help you to understand how the material choice would affect the flow of current.

  • Towers made of Tubular steel are common and very durable. Their installation takes less time as they can be assembled at the factory and conveniently installed.
  • For a high voltage transmission a lattice tower is generally used. These constructions involve a framework of steel and aluminium and are quite a rigorous task of engineering.
  • Wood is also used to build multi-pole structures. They are rarely used in high voltage transmission.
  • Though limitation of transmission might be a bane, concrete is also used in transmission distribution system.

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