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The Electrical Engineering Concept:

Electrical Engineering has greatly influenced our day-to-day activities. It is due to this that the modern life is a lot easier than what it was a decade ago. The study of electrical engineering includes topics like robotics, information, transmission, energy supply and medical technology. It has brought innovations like electric car batteries, cell phones, CAT Scans, robot controls, etc.

Sub-disciplines of Electrical Engineering:

A vast branch like Electrical Engineering is classified into various divisions. Some of them are-

  1. Telecommunication Engineering– These engineers transmit information through channels which include coax cable, optical fiber, free space, etc.
  2. Power Engineers– It is due to these engineers that power is distributed from the source of electricity to several homes and offices which fall under a particular grid.
  3. Computer Engineering– The most popular form of electrical engineering, deals with computer designs and both hardware and software problems.
  4. Electronics Engineering– They design and test circuits which are used in transistors, inductors, resistors, etc.
  5. Signal Processing– They manage signals by detecting, modifying, manipulating in order to receive the correct input and output. They deal with telecommunication, television manufacturing, etc.

Difficulties faced by electrical engineering students:

  • Students need to use great amount of logic while solving an assignment here.
  • Difficulty in understanding the derivatives.
  • Many students are unable to understand the theoretical concepts while doing a practical work
  • Unable to understand vital concepts like grounding, bonding, etc.

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