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Electric Potential/ Electric Energy Assignment Help: Solve Difficult Projects with Ease

Students need to know about electric potential in far greater detail if they are to carry out a successful assignment on the same. Mere description is nowhere near sufficient in understanding what electric potential is, and unless the concept is clearly illustrated to students, the definition itself might appear to be puzzling. So if you think the assignment is too difficult for you, there is still a way to ace the project. In that case, students only have to reach our for electric potential and electric energy homework help available at myhomeworkhelp.com.

Electric potential, as per theoretical electromagnetic, is a scalar quantity. The quantity of electric potential energy that would be possessed by a unitary electric charge point when it is located at any point in the space is known as electric potential. The electric potential is equal to the amount of work which is carried out by an external agent while it is transmitting a single unit of positive charge from the point of reference to the point where there is no acceleration.

What is electrical energy?

The energy which has been newly obtained from electric potential energy or kinetic energy is known as the electrical energy. A combination of electric potential which is delivered by a circuit and electric current is electrical energy. Electrical energy is thus potential energy unless it has been supplied for the ultimate end use. After the conversion, it can be other forms of energy like light, heat or sound.

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Negative potential energy

Some students may wonder if it is possible to have negative potential energy. The answer is ‘Yes’. If a system has a negative and a positive point charge, the potential energy would be negative. To have negative potential energy means work has to be done against the existing electrical field.

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