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When you enter your home, you reluctantly switch on the light, fan or A.C. without giving much thought to the underlying physics inside them. Electricity is a gift given by science and technology, and most of our precious gadgets run on it. It is true that users of electricity need not worry about how it is produced and how everything works with it.

But, if you are studying physics and writing down Electric Circuits and Magnetism assignment answers, you are learning the secrets behind a lot of electric gadgets.As you must know by now that electromagnetism is vast part of physics and is spread intrinsically into several aspects of physics, apart from electric gadgets too. Hence, it is one of those subjects worth studying.

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This chapter is a part of electromagnetism in physics. Why ‘electro’ and ‘magnetism’ together? It might be pretty strange to hear, but electrical force and magnetic force are two sides of the same coin – basically same force.

Seems impossible? Electric force is repulsion of charges, flowing of charges, current flows, etc. How can that be same as attraction and repulsions of magnets and iron nails? May seem strange but they are same. Same in this sense that,what looks like electrostatic force from one perspective must be magnetic force from a certain other perspective and vice versa.

Evidences lies before a physicist proving the relation between electricity and magnetism. Flow of electric current produces magnetic field around it. All physics students know this. Also, changing magnetic field produces electric field and vice versa.

Electromagnetism is based on empirical laws and rules in its initial study. They include:

  • Gauss law –

For relation of electric and magnetic flux and field at a certain distance

  • Kirchhoff’s law –

For calculating amount of current, voltage drop, capacitance, etc.

  • Biot-Savart’s law–

For calculating magnetic field near an electric current wire

  • Ampere’s circuital rule–

For calculating magnetic field in electric circuits

Their involvement in Electric Circuits and Magnetism homework answers are indispensable. They must be studied well, memorized in both statement and mathematical forms.

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