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Demand in economics is the consumer’s need for a good or service in a certain period of time. It usually depends upon the purchasing power of a consumer.

Demand of customers is a force through which the whole economic system takes place. But it’s true, a customer never satisfy. He always demands more, and it leads to the expansion of market. To better understand students can take help with the elasticity of market demand assignment help.

Some determinates of demand are:

  • Price of goods
  • Price of related goods
  • Income of a consumer
  • Consumer’s choices, preferences
  • Future circumstances

Elasticity of Demand:

The change in consumer’s demand due to certain external changes is called the elasticity of demand. It depends upon many factors although it can be categorized in following types:

Price elasticity of demand:

When price affects the demand of goods and services, it is called elastic demand. Usually, consumers react a lot on price change. For example, if the prices of goods suddenly decrease, consumers start shop a lot. And if the prices increase they stop shopping.

So, if an elastic demand is on goods, then we can see the shopping difference on a certain change in price. This is called the price elasticity of demand. The elasticity of market demand assignment help gives complete solution to any related query.

Price elasticity of demand is represented as PED or Ed. Demand elasticity can be easily noticed on luxury Items like cars, home furnishing, home appliances and other non-necessary items whereas, on essentials and goods of daily need, the demand would no difference.

Income elasticity of Demand:

Income elasticity of demand explains the change of demanded goods due to the change in consumer’s income. It is calculated as the percentage of increased demand by the percentage of change in income. For example if income increased 5% and demand increase 10% then it will be calculated as = 10% / 5%.

Cross elasticity of Demand:

When two or more substitute of a product is available and the demand for a product changes due to the change of price of another product, this is called Cross elasticity of demand. It could be either positive or negative. Two complement products cross elasticity will be negative whereas, in case of two substitute product, Cross elasticity will be positive.

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Wealth elasticity of demand:

The wealth elasticity is different from the income elasticity. As the income is different from capital. Income includes wealth n investments both.

If compared, the wealth elasticity of a poor will always higher than a rich.

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The elasticity of demand is not applicable equally on every product. Meanwhile, it does not have any fixed formulas to calculate the demand elasticity. It varies according to consumer behavior and nature of goods. Our experts are always ready to help you with the elasticity of market demand homework help.

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