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What do you mean by Education Management?

Education Management deals with the complete management system of Education. Thus, it is the process that includes –

  • Planning.
  • Organizing.
  • Directing.
  • Controlling the activities.

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Why education is important?

Education is the learning process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values and attitudes with some desirable goal in the society to grab an ultimate position.

Why Education management needs to be arranged properly?

  • The purpose of education management is to generate the syllabus more relevant along with changing society in an efficient manner.
  • Education also has a perfect goal that can easily resemble with national development. Thus, this needs to be dynamic.
  • Social challenge as well as positive indication of existing culture also matters. Thus it needs to be arranged in that way.

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What are the objectives of Education management?

The various objectives focus on how to develop-

  • Educational management concept.
  • The various purposes an institution.
  • Functions and roles a manager.
  • The essential components management in democratic class room.
  • Awareness related to various levels.
  • Awareness of the features of quality institutions.
  • To sensitize towards material resources and effective management.
  • Role administrative authorities in preserving quality of learning organizations.

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