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What is economic value added?

Economic Value Added (EVA) refers to a performance ratio that decides the actual economic profitability any firm, as it takes into account the net operating income after interest and taxes after subtracting the opportunity cost of capital that is used for making that net operating income.

The Economic Value Added (EVA) reveals whether the monetary performance of a firm is lower or higher than the minimum required rate of return for business lenders or shareholders. It indicates to investors whether the capital amount that they have invested in a venture is offering them higher than minimum rate of return, or whether they should invest elsewhere.

At present, many firms use the Economic Value Added (EVA) to find out whether a proposed or existing investment has a positive contribution to the wealth of shareholders or owners. Financial analysts use the method for determining investment success. From the perspective of maximizing the wealth of shareholders, only investments having Positive EVA are appropriate.

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What Makes Economic Value Added Crucial for students?

Economic Value Added (EVA) is important, as it can be used for various purposes:

  1. Business Performance Measurement
  2. Determining management bonuses
  3. Investing & Capital budgeting decisions
  4. Corporate valuation for lenders, bankers & shareholders
  5. Setting the goals and objectives of an organization
  6. Encouraging the top management in achieving goals and sales objectives

Thus, it has many uses in business and plays a major role in the improvement of corporate finances.

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