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What is Ecology?

Ecology is the branch of Biology in which the relationship of living organisms can be described with each other. It also explains that how human beings and the other organisms’ relation affect their environment. Environment means the complete or the sum of biological environment and physical environment. The term biotic or biological environment means the effect on an organism due to an action of other organisms as parasitism, predation, cooperation and competition. But, the physical environment means wind, soil, water, temperature, etc. The complete study provides the knowledge of human activity and relation with the environment. Along with that, how environment gets effected.

Ecology is the study of organisms and their relation amongst themselves and with their environment.  This scientific study is the branch of biology and mainly divided into two distinct parts they are:

  • Autecology
  • Syncecology

These branches are classified on the basis of several classes of organisms, their own habitats and their own species and taxonomy, they are:

  • Microbial ecology

It deals with microorganism and their original habitat.

  • Mathematical ecology

It shows the mathematical application to solve the problems of living beings.

  • Ecology for recreation

Often natural environment and its freshness offer several recreations for human being.This branch deals with these kinds of natural agents of recreation which exist in the environment.

  • Ecology of topography

Mankind is struggling with the nature since time immemorial for making life more comfortable.  This branch of ecology deals with the study of effect and impact those are created by human being on their surroundings.

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What are the types of Ecology?

Ecology studies with both the complex as well as the diverse relation amongst the living being and their outer world from different perspectives. On the basis of this perspectival study the subject is segmented in several types, and they are:

  • Organism or behavioral ecology

It focuses on physiological and morphological behavior of living organism with several environmental factors.  It mainly deals with control of temperature, health and nutrition, variation of climate and its effect on organism, several diseases etc.

  • Population ecology

The number of existing organisms is depends on time, locality and atmosphere of a particular area.  This category of ecology deals with the biotic and abiotic factors that affect the population over the time and place.  For more updated information to make your homework and assignment perfect, just consult our ecology homework help and ecology assignment help.

  • Community ecology

It mainly deals with the population of different species, their interaction with each other, reason behind the increase and decrease of a specific species and its effect on whole community.

  • Ecology of ecosystem

It studies the effect of nonliving things of the environment such as water, air and its components, soil and its mineral contents, on the living organism like plants and animals.

  • Ecology of biosphere

It deals with the environment, its living and nonliving organism, their interaction, adaptation, straggling for the existence and its effect as a whole on this planet.You can develop a bold concept about all these with the guideline of our ecology homework help and ecology assignment help team.

Our team of Ecology Assignment Help knows every small terms in a perfect way and thus provides depth knowledge related to this. Some types of Ecology are as follows-

  • Organismal Ecology
  • Population Ecology
  • Global Ecology
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Molecular Ecology
  • Ecosystem Ecology
  • Community Ecology

Every student should have depth knowledge of different topics of Ecology. We also focus on the significance of Ecology. The whole subject deals with the relationship between different organisms, including human being and this wider environment.

Socioeconomic importance of ecology

People always want to study those subjects, which has some socioeconomic value. Here we are going to discusses about the significance of Ecology as a valuable subject, and they are:

  • Helps in natural conservation

Ecology provides the entire information of natural phenomenon and about the interdepending relation between the nature and human. It also focuses on effects and impacts of human activities on the natural environment and how people get affected with all these. It is needless to say that this study is most important to protect our environment.

  • Helps in natural resource allocation

We all know that natural resources are most important for our survival but we have a limited amount of natural resource.   So it is necessary to allocate and protect these scarce resources of nature perfectly for our betterment.  Ecology helps us to learn all these and here lies its significance. Learn more with our ecology homework help and ecology assignment help.

  • Helps to establish eco-friendliness

True study of ecology helps to create an eco-friendly environment around us which is most significant for our better survival

  • Helps in managing pests and diseases

Pests and vectors are harmful natural creature which spread lots of diseases. Study of ecology helps to control this entire nuisance.

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