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What do you mean by Ecology and Conversation?

 Ecology and conversation is a part in biology that clearly explains about how to protect the different species as well as their habitants. Moreover, erosion along with extinction biotic communication is also important to protect. However, this study requires detail knowledge to understand this environment.

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What are the different researching factors?

These are as follow –

  • Inbreeding depression
  • Migration
  • Effective population size
  • The dispersal
  • Demographics
  • Minimum population viability of rare or endangered species

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What are the different contexts?

  • Holocene extinction
  • Status of oceans and reefs
  • Groups other than vertebrates
  • Conservation biology of parasites

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What are the foundations and concepts?

  • Measuring extinction rates
  • Systematic conservation planning
  • Conservation physiology
  • Conservation biology
  • Conservation priorities
  • Economic value

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