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Ecological and Environmental Economics

In Economics, Ecological and Environmental Economics are the sub fields which are concerned with environmental issues. Ecological Economics and Environmental Economics are two different sub fields.

Ecological Economics

Ecological Economics can be considered as both interdisciplinary and Trans disciplinary field of academic research which is concerned with the coevolution and interdependence of natural ecosystems and human economies over time and space.

Unlike Environmental Economics, Ecological Economics considers economy as a subsystem of the ecosystem and also focuses on preserving the natural capital. All of the essential information of Ecological Economics will be incorporated into our Ecological and Environmental Economics homework help.

Environmental Economics

Many times, Environmental economics is often confused with Ecological economics. This is because both of these studies are sub fields of Economics. But what differentiate them is their concepts and topics which holds different economics thoughts and all of them will be covered in our Ecological and Environmental Economics homework help.

Some of the main topics in Environmental Economics are –

  • Market Failure
  • Externality
  • Common goods and public goods

But one key factor to know is that although these two sub-fields are different from each other, they also relate in some ways.

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