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Solution to Difficult Chemistry Homework on Isotopes: Assignment Help

What are isotopes?

A particular chemical element may exhibit a difference in the number of neutrons contained within the atom. These different variations of the same atom, based on the number of neutron are called isotopes. The number of proton however, remains the same in case of each of these isotopes. A difference, however, occurs in the atomic mass of different isotopes.

Etymologically, the term isotope means “same place” and this bears reference to the fact that despite having different atomic mass, various isotopes of one given element occupies the same space on the periodic table.

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Types of isotopes: radioactive and stable:

Isotopes can e radioactive and such isotopes which undergo radioactive decay are referred to as radioisotopes. Not all isotopes are, however, radioactive. There are isotopes of several elements which have never been observed to exhibit decaying properties. Such isotopes are called stable isotopes. It is predicted by scientist that many of the known stable isotopes might actually be radioactive isotopes, only with long lives.

There are 241 nuclides which have so far been observed to never decay, but scientists suggest that only the first 40 of these are absolutely stable and are not going to display decaying properties under any circumstances.

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On planet Earth, there are about 339 nuclides which occur naturally and amongst them, as 288 are known as primordial nuclides, which would mean that these nuclides have existed ever since the creation of the solar system.

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