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Grab the Complete Knowledge of Electron Configuration

Electronic configuration is the most important part of Chemistry. A student must have proper knowledge about Electron configuration to acquire the knowledge of elements. However, with the help of configuration of electron, the experts take many decisions and this is the reason that students need to go with this significant concept in a proper way.

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What do you mean by electronic configuration?

You must have knowledge about elements and each element has different number of electrons. These electrons rotate in different paths. But, how these are arranged? Only with the help of electronic configuration you can arrange the electrons in an order in the different orbits.

Now, what is the most accurate way of arranging electrons? There are four important shells as K, L, M and N. All electrons are fixed in their proper path and can be determined properly. However, distribution in different shells has some limitations. On the basis of Electron configuration you can decide the nature of elements, molecules or atoms.

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What is the important terms related to electronic configuration?

  • Distribution of electrons – Only with the help of electronic configuration, you can easily understand about the nature of an element. Whether it is active or inactive can be determined with the help of electronic configuration. It is also important to understand about valence electron as this only determines that electrons to acquire the stability.
  • Periodic table – The periodic table explains a lot and more than that it is divided in different parts as s-block, f-block, d-block and p block. Electronic configuration clears that how to classify different elements in different blocks.
  • Combination – An element combine with other element to grab the stability. An atom gets stability by losing or gaining one or more electron and that electron should be present in the outer shell. Sometime the electron makes bond with other element also.
  • Ionization – This is also an important term in which the stability of an atom by liberating or gaining an electron plays the vital role.
  • Aufbau’s Principal and Madelung rule – Through this principal and rule you can understand a lot about electronic configuration.

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