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Earth II – Atoms: Chemistry Assignment Help for Better Grades

The concept of atom:

In chemistry, the concept of atom is something fundamental, the knowledge based on which a person further progresses in their understanding of elements and all matter. In case of any chemical element, the atom is the smallest constituent unit.

Everything that we see around us is made of atoms, irrespective of their shape, size, state or any other physical feature. Solids, liquids, gases and everything in between are made of atoms, which can either be neutral or ionized. The typical size of an atom would be ten billionth of a meter.

However, atoms do not have any concrete boundaries as such, but their approximate size can be determined using two different scientific methods which bear almost similar values.

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Sub atomic particles:

Earth II – atoms assignment help shall help students to understand atoms in greater detail. Every atom, in its centre, consist a nucleus. The mass of the nucleus compared to the atom can be relatively described as that of a tennis ball placed in the middle of a football field. The nucleus comprise of protons, which are positively charges subatomic particles.

Along with the protons are present an almost equal number of neutrons, which as the name suggests, are neutral in charge. The atomic mass is due to the combined mass of the protons and neutrons and they are collectively known as nucleons.

Bound to the nucleus is one or more negatively charged particles known as the electron which are present in shells around the nucleus. The mass of electrons is almost negligible. When the number of proton and electron in an atom is equal, the atom has a neutral charge. But when the number of protons exceeds the number of electrons or vice versa, a positive or negative charge develops according and an atom with a charge is known as an ion.

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