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Periodic Table: Advanced Chemistry Homework Help with Assignments

What is the significance of periodic table?

A periodic table is a tabular representation of chemical elements, a table which students are expected to learn immediately after they are introduced to the subject chemistry. The period table notes down the basic properties of all elements and thus to know of the elements, one has to know the periodic table by heart.

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Features of the table:

The periodic table is organized in an ordered manner with respect to the elements’ atomic number, number of electrons or electron configuration as well as with regard to their recurring chemical properties. The ordering is such that it exhibits periodic trends, an instance being that of the elements with similar behavior being placed together in the same column.

There are also four distinguished blocks, each block containing elements with similar chemical nature. If one considers a row, the elements on the extreme left are metals and those on the extreme right are non metals.

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The periods and groups:

The periodic table comprise of horizontal rows and vertical columns. While the rows are known as periods, the columns are known as groups. Each one of them is denoted by a number and there are 6 groups which have a name as well. For instance the 17th group is halogens and the 18th one is of noble gases. All elements from hydrogen (atomic number 1) to ununoctium (atomic number 118) have either been discovered or they have been synthesized. The most recent additions to the periodic table are: Elements 113, 115, 117 and 118.

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