E-Business and E-Commerce Homework Answers

E-Business and E-Commerce Assignment Answers

Solve Your Problems on E-Business and E-Commerce with Our Effective Guidance 

E-Business and E-Commerce homework answers are very known term in this electronic era. With the introduction of internet, commercial and businesslike activities become too flexible. Lots of new entities with these online opportunities flourish their businesslike activities successfully. So, performing business activities to make it run smoothly through internet or online setting, termed as e-business.  But all kind of monitory transaction of online business such as selling and purchasing goods and services through internet is termed as e-commerce.

Pupils who are studying with Management, Electronic and communication and Commerce must have prepare lots of questions and answers during their study course. And several quarries evolve in their mind, who wishes to do online business, For their kind information many online service providers are available in the market having all these answers for you.

Something more about the subject topic

Both the subject matter of the topic is interconnected.  Online business is developed mainly on the basis of electronic commerce.  Buyers and sellers both can interact with each other from distance location too, without spending any transportation cost. The infrastructure and establishment also cost quite cheap here. Online order making and marketing is quite popular today with the support of net banking which is absolutely part of electronic- commerce.

Getting customer’s feedback and establishing good relationships with customers through email is an easy, hustle free and time-saving process.  Internet is also quite popular for business to business transactions and easy interaction amongst the partner.   So, all the people who want to be a smart and successful businessman must know about this subject topic by clicking on myhomeworkhelp.com  and going through our E-Business and E-Commerce assignment answers.

Difference in between these subject matters

Though both the subject matter are used to refer same meaning and one can easily take another places, but still some differences exist there. They are as below:

  • First one refers the business-related activity through internet. Second one refers banking transaction through internet for any kind id selling and purchasing.
  • For the first one CRM, Website, ERP all can be used but only Website is required for another.
  • First one has no limit for money transactions on the other hand second one has limited money transactions.

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