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What does Du Pont Analysis mean?
In the 1920s, Du Pont Corporation invented a method of performance measurement where the assets of a company are measured at their gross book value instead of their net book value so as to gain a higher Return on Equity (ROE). This method is known as the Du Pont analysis or Du Pont identity.

The Du Pont Analysis splits the Return on Equity into three parts:

  • Profit Margin, measuring the Operating Efficiency.
  • Equity Multiplier, measuring the Financial leverage; and
  • Total Asset Turnover, measuring the Asset Use Efficiency.

With the help of these three factors, Du Pont analysis helps the analyst to efficiently determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company and to know which areas of the business, that is, debt structure or inventory management, should be paid attention for more answers.

To perform the examination, Du Pont analysis makes use of both – the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet and therefore, the ROE calculation is prone to distortion and the method is not as accurate as a detailed analysis.

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