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DNA Synthesis and DNA Replication: Advanced Assignment Help

What Is DNA synthesis?

The creation of deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA), either through a natural or through an artificial way, is known as DNA synthesis. DNA synthesis can be of the three following types:

  • DNA replication which is also known as DNA biosynthesis
  • Gene synthesis which would involve physical creation of artificial sequences of genes
  • Enzymatic DNA synthesis

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DNA synthesis: how are the new molecules synthesized?

DNA synthesis is a process which immediately precedes the cell division and the occurrence is also often referred to as DNA replication. The whole business takes place in the eukaryotic cells. Various chemical enzymes serve to separate the two strands of a DNA, each of which then turns into a replica of their original. The separation occurs when the hydrogen bonds in the parent molecule is broken.

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What is DNA replication?

DNA replication lies at the root of genetic inheritance since it is the process where two identical DNA’s are produced from one original DNA. Each DNA comprises two strands of double helix and during replication, the two strands separate from one another. Each strand then serves as the model for the generation of its counterpart. The process of DNA replication occurs in all living organisms.

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