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What does diversification stand for?

Diversification refers to a method of risk management that combines different types of investments in a portfolio. The technique is based on the principle that a portfolio made of various investments will offer higher returns on an average and involve a lesser risk that any individual investment that is part of the portfolio.

This method lowers risks by the allocation of investments among different industries and financial instruments, as well as other categories. It aims to offer optimal returns through investments in various areas, each of which can respond to the same event in a different fashion. Although diversification does not offer any guarantee against loss, most investors agree that it is the most vital component to reach long-term financial objectives while keeping risks to a minimum.

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What is the need for diversification?

Diversification can be assistive for an investor in managing risks as well as reducing the volatility of the price movements of an asset. However, it has to be kept in mind that risk cannot be completely obliterated at any time, irrespective of how much you diversify your portfolio.

Risks related to individual stocks can be reduced, but almost every stock is affected by general market risks. Naturally, it is essential to diversify them among assets of various classes. It is essential to locate a medium between return and risk, which would ensure that you can enjoy peace of mind as well as actualize your financial objectives.

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