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In the subjects like marketing and business management you will deal with the topic named distinctive characteristics of services. It is a broad area of study and there are so many concepts covered under this topic that you may become confused. For complete clarity you must opt for Distinctive Characteristics of Services Homework Help.

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What are the Distinctive Characteristics of Services?

Services are those benefits that are offered by one source to another source in exchange of monetary compensation.

Sometimes services are provided in relation to products and in some cases services are provided without or just a partial involvement of products.

Thus rendering of services is an economic activity and the various examples are like teaching services, banking services, consultancy services, repair services for gadgets etc.

There are various distinctive characteristics of services which are actually in real sense the basic nature of services and if you have any confusion in the topic then opt for Distinctive Characteristics of Services Homework Help.

The distinctive characteristics of services are discussed as follows –

  • All the services are intangible in nature. Thus services can’t be smelled, tasted, touched etc. The services are usually experienced like customer care services for clients etc.
  • For providing a service a source is a must so these are inseparable from the source. Thus for providing medical treatment a doctor is needed, for getting education a teacher is needed etc.
  • There is inconsistency in relation to services as these are performed by humans mostly and thus it will vary from individual to individual basis.
  • Services can’t be stored like products for future use, thus there is a perishability factor also.
  • Services cannot be produced in anticipation of demand which is usually possible in the case of goods.
  • If services are availed once then there is no chance of returning it to the provider. Thus this is also a distinctive characteristic from products because products once bought can be returned if found defective.
  • Time utility is a vital factor associated with services.
  • There is no transferability of ownership in case of services.
  • Services are usually provided through direct channels and there is a level of personal interaction while availing the services.

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